Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pool Party

On one of the hot days that my parents were visiting, Erica had the great idea of setting up a kiddie pool that she purchased. At first, it was a complete non-event for Jasper to sit in the water.

Then, I think he recognized some of his bath toys. He started to splash around quite a bit, and it was interesting to see that he splashed a little more vigorously when he was close to my side of the pool.

Finally, he moved onto his belly, and he spun around the pool playing with the toys as he rotated. He really enjoyed splashing around, and we enjoyed watching.

Here's a short video of Jasper's time in the pool:

Monday, August 20, 2007

Grandparents Visit

Last week my parents made the trip down from Ohio to visit Jasper. They wanted to do this before Hope Preschool starts back up for my mom. While they were here, we purposely didn't plan any big activities because they needed their "Jasper fix".

My parents got to do some fun things with Jasper. On top of watching him learning how to crawl (He hasnt' quite got it figured out, yet.), they got to give him baths... him books...

and help him play in the pool Erica setup in the front yard. We were so pleased that Jasper enjoyed his time with Grandpa and Grandma Gant. I continually tell Erica that Jasper is spoilling us with how well he adjusts to new things.

Overall, it was a fun time. Nobody seemed to mind that it was HOT in Austin. The August heat is in full swing now that the rain has slowed down for a while. We continue to try and train Jasper to crawl with his belly off the ground. It won't be long before he will be moving even faster. Life continues to change, and we are enjoying the moments.

Monday, August 13, 2007


By 9 months old, Jasper should be pulling himself up on furniture, etc. So ... just like we did when he was 5 months old and had to be able to sit up by 6 months, we're in training mode. Jasper has shown us that he can completely pull himself up onto us. His legs are very strong, and he's arms are pretty strong too. However, I don't think he has his bearings yet to pull himself onto furniture and completely control the situation to keep from falling. So, we practiced propping him up against the ottoman to see how he'd do. He can stand up along side it quite well, and he can even move along side it. It's probably only a matter of time before he's pulling himself up onto the furniture. Perhaps we'll regret this early training. I don't know.

Jasper and I play together everyday, but with no one else here - it's often not documented. I think we've said this before, but Jasper is becoming responsive with us. He laughs in response to what we do and even does things he knows will elicit a response from us. It's great fun to play with him. But beware: with 6 teeth, those playful chomps can pack a punch!

Jasper's bedtime routine is managed by daddy. Drew gives him his bath, gets him dressed in his jammies, feeds him a bottle, reads to him, sings to him and puts him down. It's a long process, but Drew's got it down to a science. Jasper LOVES reading time. He peers over the side of the rocking chair looking down at the basket of books, waiting for Drew to pick one up to read. It's even sometimes a distraction to eating his bottle. Currently he's really trailed off on how much he takes of his bedtime bottle. Sometimes it's only 2oz, when before solids he sometimes took up to 10oz at night. Oh well ... we think he's continuing to grow, albeit slower than before.

Jasper loved green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots and oatmeal. Meats and peas are still routinely rejected. However, tonight we successfully got Jasper to eat about 1.5 tsp of beef ... disguised with sweet potatoes. Have you ever smelled baby food meats? Wow! They do not smell good. I don't want to think about how they taste, and no I am not one of those dedicated parents who think it is required to taste all food given to their kids. I say, just go with Gerber for now. Once we establish a normal palette, then we'll feed him from our own food (which we will have obviously tasted).

We're not giving up on meats, though. With enough training, soon Jasper will be ready to eat at Rudy's.

Friday, August 10, 2007

So Much Activity

Jasper is growing more and more active these days, and by that I really mean mobile.

He climbs on us all the time, and our legs have the bruises to prove it!

His inch-worming skills continue to improve and quicken. He moves off the play blanket with ease and is really not content to be contained in that small area, when there is so much more of the living room ... and the rest of the house to be explored.

After I feed Jasper his solid food, we have a fun little routine. I creep toward him with a wet washcloth saying "I'm gonna get you." He loves that & laughs! I wash his face, and he sticks out his tongue so I can clean his teeth and tongue, too. I also tickle his hands when I wash them, so all in all it's a laugh-a-minute clean-up session. But what he loves the most is to take the washcloth after I've cleaned him up and suck on it or move it from hand to hand, shaking it like a maracas.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

8 months old!

On Wednesday, Jasper turned 8 months old. I love the fact that his birthday is December 1st. That way, whatever day of the year it is, is exactly how old he is. For example: February 1, he was two months old exactly. September 15th, he'll be 9 months and 15 days. Apart from him being born at the height of cold and flu season, an RSV outbreak and Whooping cough outbreak in Austin which kept us conservatively home bound for those early weeks of his life, I like this not having to think about how old he is all the time. It's one less math calculation I have to do in my head.

Tonight, while taking his 8 month photo, we had his nighttime bottle on the table next to the couch. He noticed it, and pretty quickly he moved to get his hands on that bottle. The bottle was sitting on a bib, and just as Jasper grabbed hold of the bib to drag the bottle to him, I picked up the bottle and thwarted his efforts. Don't worry ... he got the bottle eventually, and really he isn't going unfed. :)

Jasper is a total green bean fanatic, but he is also showing a growing appreciation for carrots. Sadly, he is unwilling to ... give peas a chance.

Cue the flutes ... this is Jasper's Mission Impossible pose.


In just the last few days, Jasper has dramatically improved in his "inchworm mobility." Maybe all those days stuck inside last week were the trick. Now he's pretty darn quick. Just have a look at this video for living proof. :)

Speaking of last week, amid all the rain and gloom I decided it was time to bust out some new toys. Jasper (and I) needed new stimulation. We got out the Fisher Price Animal Zoo, and Jasper has enjoyed exploring all the animals. The giraffe is an early favorite. It must be the long neck which gives him something to really stick into his mouth. Other than that, the alligator and flamingo are high on his list. I personally find the quail to be adorable. She (yes, I'm claiming it to be a female) looks like a nun in a habit. So cute!

Apart from inchworming, Jasper also spends a lot of time generally rolling around the floor either trying to get to a particular toy or just having fun. He's quite proficient.